Attuck’s was a Northside hotel located at 1120 Drexel Avenue, which catered to Atlantic City’s Black visitors and tourists. In the days before the Civil Rights Act, the Northside served as a thriving Black neighborhood in the segregated city. Attuck’s Hotel was opened the early 1930s by Charles C. Attuck. Later, Charles A. Aerie took over ownership. In 1957, the name was changed to Street’s Hotel by the new manager, Harry Overton. By 1961, the address was known as Town House, operating as “Furnished Rooms” by Mrs. Nadine Carpenter. In 1964, it became Lee Davis Hotel, and then Herman’s Hotel in 1966. Herman’s hotel continued to operate until 1973 under the new address of 1124 Drexel Avenue, until being converted into private residences the following year.   H.Book.BoardofTrade1939.AttucksHotel

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 An advertisement for Attuck's Hotel which appeared in the 1939 Atlantic City Board of Trade publication.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H.Book.BoardofTrade1939.AttucksHotel
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