The Flanders Hotel, at 127 St. James Place, originally opened in 1902. For the majority of its history, it was owned and operated by the Yon Family. Originally, the hotel complex consisted of multiple buildings, until a renovation in 1930 led Jessie Yon to demolish some of the old structures and build a new one. The Flanders continued hotel operations until the 1960s, when Arthur and Isabella Yon sold the building. It was then operated as a nursing home “hotel” for elderly guests, until 1996, when the business was finally shuttered and its remaining residents relocated. The building remained vacant for many years, even partially collapsing in 2005. In 2010, the Flanders was purchased by the Claremont company, who began renovations on the building with the hope of reopening it as a hotel. However, despite receiving a facelift, the building remains closed today.  H049.FlandersHotel002 

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  An undated postcard showing the Flanders Hotel.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H049.FlandersHotel002.



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