In the mid-20th century, Atlantic City’s hotel industry was revitalized by the addition of several new motels and chain hotels to accompany the old “Grand Dames” of the Boardwalk. Atlantic City’s first Holiday Inn franchise opened in 1967, in an impressive 23-story tower across from the Million Dollar Pier. The hotel featured an outdoor pool on its second floor, above the entrance from the Boardwalk. On the top floor, the Casa del Sol restaurant and Starlight Lounge provided guests with panoramic views of the city. The Holiday Inn offered its guests several features which were considered luxuries at the time, including direct-dial telephones in each room, color TV, private terraces, and air conditioning. Although a popular accommodation for vacationing families in the 1960s and 1970s, the legalization of casino gambling in Atlantic City led developers to buy up many Boardwalk properties with the goal of building new gaming resorts on the land. The Holiday Inn was closed in 1979, as construction began on Bob Guccione’s Penthouse Casino on the site. When Guccione ran out of funding, however, the vacant Holiday Inn and some steel girders behind it sat abandoned on the Boardwalk until the early 1990s. At that point, the adjacent Trump Plaza purchased the land. The steel framework was dismantled, and the Holiday Inn was renovated to become an addition to Trump Plaza. It, along with the rest of the casino, closed in September 2014, though the Rainforest Cafe still operates in the building.   H.LHSF.Hotels.HolidayInn001
 holiday inn  A brochure advertising the Holiday Inn.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H.LHSF.Hotels.HolidayInn001.
 The Holiday Inn, repurposed for Trump Plaza, on the Boardwalk in December 2014.  


For more information, see these resources in the Atlantic City Free Public Library, Atlantic City Heritage Collections:
Hotel Brochures – Heston Coll. 647.94
Press of Atlantic City, article dating from September 26, 1992


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