The Royal Palace was built in 1900 and was situated at “the very northern end of Pacific Avenue and the Boardwalk.” The hotel had spacious porches and restaurants, in addition to more uncommon attractions like an indoor swimming pool and bowling alley. The Royal Palace’s heyday came in the 1920s, when amidst the atmosphere of Prohibition it became a notable speakeasy. The Atlantic City Press referred to the Royal Palace as a forerunner of the modern nightclub, and noted that its bar and grill were “almost a quarter block long.” The entrepreneur owner of the Steel Pier, Frank Gravatt, bought the hotel in this era with plans to expand it. The good times didn’t last, however, and the hotel was converted into apartments in the late 1920s. Ironically in the same year that Prohibition ended, 1933, the Royal Palace was torn down under the guidelines of the Peterson decree, a citywide initiative to clean up or demolish buildings which posed safety hazards.   H084.RoyalPalace001

For more information, see these resources in the Atlantic City Free Public Library, Atlantic City Heritage Collections:

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  Illustration of the Royal Palace Hotel and Casino, no date.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H084.RoyalPalace001.
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