The Seaside Hotel was originally constructed in 1863 on a site which later became home to the Holmhurst Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. In 1890, as the growing popularity of the Boardwalk had shifted activity in Atlantic City from Pacific Avenue to the beach, the Seaside was moved 800 feet closer to the ocean. At this time an elevator and new baths were also installed. In 1926 it added a new fireproof tower, and became the home of Atlantic City’s first commercial radio station, WHAR. In 1960, the Seaside demolished its older wooden section and replaced it with 60 modern motel rooms, as the motel craze was sweeping the country. It continued operations as the Seaside Hotel & Motel under Marvin Ashner until 1982. Its proprietor in later years is listed in directories as Resorts Hotel & Casino, and the Seaside was presumably demolished to make way for an expansion of Resorts.  H084.Seaside001 


For more information, see these resources in the Atlantic City Free Public Library, Atlantic City Heritage Collections:

Local History Subject Files – Hotels
“So Young, So Gay” Heston Coll. 974.985McM
City Directories
Telephone Directories

 A 1920s postcard shows the new addition to the Seaside Hotel next to the original wooden building, which is equipped with a radio antenna for WHAR, the first commercial station to broadcast from Atlantic City.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H084.Seaside001.

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