Although a number of boarding houses existed on Absecon Island prior to its incorporation as Atlantic City, the United States was one of the first buildings that could truly be considered a hotel. It was a grand structure of 125 rooms bounded by the streets of Delaware, Pacific, Atlantic, and States Avenues - States Avenue originally being created as a path to transport guests by mule car from the hotel directly to the beach. The United States Hotel was founded by the owners of the Camden & Atlantic Railroad, the men behind the creation of Atlantic City as a seaside resort. Construction, which was done by Amos Bullock, began before the city was founded in 1854. When the first trains brought visitors to Atlantic City, horse carriages would then convene them directly to the United States Hotel. Some time later, the property was expanded to add another 100 rooms, making the hotel now stretch from Delaware Avenue to Maryland Avenue. The hotel was a center of activity for Pennsylvania dignitaries and socialites, and it housed President Grant’s party headquarters in 1874. The first Atlantic City Council meeting was also held in the United States Hotel. An 1872 ad for the hotel boasted its amenities, which included a “billiard room, ten pin alleys, shooting gallery, and morning, afternoon and evening open air concerts.” Despite its success, the United States was also one of the first hotels to disappear from Atlantic City’s skyline. It was demolished in 1899, save for a small section at Atlantic and States Avenues which was curiously still standing in 1952, when it was mentioned in Butler’s Book of the Boardwalk. It is unknown when this section was finally torn down.  H084.UnitedStates001 

For more information, see these resources in the Atlantic City Free Public Library, Atlantic City Heritage Collections:

Local History Subject Files – Hotels
“Book of the Boardwalk,” Heston Coll. 974.985But

 Photo of the United States Hotel, undated.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H084.UnitedStates001.
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