Though unassuming in photographs, Wright’s Hotel, at 1702 Arctic Avenue, may have actually held an interesting historical distinction. According to Butler’s Book of the Boardwalk, the building dated all the way back to 1854, and was the first dwelling erected after Atlantic City’s incorporation. Built by Nathaniel Webb, it was operated for many years by Calanthe Ryan as Ryan Cottage. In 1913, it was bought by Solomon and Mary Wright, and became known as Wright’s Hotel, catering to Atlantic City’s ever-growing Black population. Wright’s Hotel served as a boarding house for Black workers who came to Atlantic City during the busy summer months. Later, when Black tourism increased, Wright’s Hotel brought visitors to a bustling community of Northside businesses, restaurants, and nightclubs. In the 1930s, the hotel advertised in the Atlantic City directory of its “First Class Accommodations” and “Extra Fine Location.” Wright’s Hotel operated until 1972, being owned in later years by Russell and Kate Williams. It presumably disappeared from the city landscape sometime the following year.  H084.Wrights001 

For more information, see these resources in the Atlantic City Free Public Library, Atlantic City Heritage Collections:

City Directories
“The Northside,” Heston Coll. 974.985Joh
“Book of the Boardwalk,” Heston Coll. 974.985But

  A postcard depiction of Wright's Hotel from 1926.
From the Atlantic City Heritage Collections, H084.Wrights001.
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